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Strange Lives 是一支來自香港的獨立搖滾樂隊,由吉他手和歌手 Elliott Wan,貝司手 Ethan Tang 和鼓手 Ethan Yim 組成。 

這隊由三位十八出頭的學生組成的樂隊2018年初組成,10月完成錄製並發表了第一隻迷你專輯〈 Strange Lives EP 〉。除了傳統「三件頭」的樂器編製以外,亦活用各種合成音效。 

他們在2月26日發布的單曲 “Right Now” 期望能夠讓香港地下另類音樂市場投入一股「青春」、 「 真摯」 和「 共鳴」。 

除了傳統「三件頭」的樂器編製以外亦活用各種合成音效,以組成半年的新樂隊來說成果相當不俗。 -扭耳仔 

“With seemingly limited time and experience, this trio of HK indie rockers have crafted a self-titled EP that really is very, very good.” - The Underground HK 

Strange Lives are an indie rock trio from Hong Kong. Drawing sonic influences from guitar-fronted acts such as Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys, Strange Lives combines their own brand of alternative rock interlaced with synthesizers and a DIY ethic, all fronted by youthful and occasionally laddish songwriting. 

Originally a solo project by frontman and vocalist Elliott Wan, the band officially formed with the inclusion of bassist Ethan Tang and drummer Ethan Yim during the summer of 2018. Wasting no time in the studio, the trio self-produced their debut self-titled EP by the end of summer, and released it on October 26, 2018. 

The young band, which members were all 18 years old or under, was met with overwhelming support for their debut 5-track effort - with SCMP Young Post awarding the EP 4 out of 5 stars, and was praised by New Ears Music for the production. More, The Underground HK commented that “...it’s about time Hong Kong produced some world beaters, and these guys have just the right tools to maybe be it.” 

Following up with their colorful and sudden burst into the Hong Kong indie music scene, the band released single “Right Now”, which was featured on Spotify-curated playlist ‘Just Rock’. 

The band is currently working on their second project, aimed to be released by the end of summer 2019.

About us

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